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Together = Greater

You’re an influential communicator who is passionate about sharing the Gospel message.

Join other speakers, writers, bloggers and entertainers with a heart like yours, who have partnered with The Pocket Testament League to be PTL Ambassador.

3 reasons to be a PTL Ambassador: 

1. Together = Greater Kingdom Impact
It’s that simple. Together we can reach more people with the Gospel message … and you will be provided FREE evangelism resources to reach and equip your audience.

2. Together = Greater Ministry Reach
PTL will promote the ministry God has blessed you with. When you share your platform with PTL … PTL will share our platform with you. With over 1 million visitors to our site annually, half a million PTL members and over two million Facebook Fans worldwide, we’ll promote you and your ministry to a global community.

3. Together = Greater Rewards
Generate a revenue stream with a partner you trust. With each new member you connect to PTL, you are rewarded financially. The more those new members engage with PTL, the greater financial reward you receive, and most important - the greater the eternal impact.

Are you ready to get started?

Just log in to apply (or create a new account if this is your first time on our site) and go through the short steps below.

Review each section and click “Continue” to advance to the next section.

Once your application is approved you will receive:

  • A W9 form to fill out for tax purposes
  • Access to ordering FREE gospels for your speaking engagements. (For example, if you are speaking to 500 people, we will provide 500 pocket-sized gospels of John)
  • Sign up tools (cards or web based tools)
  • A dashboard where you can track your payments and sign-ups
  • A public web page you can customize where people can sign up online

If you have questions please email me at ambassadors@ptl.org.

Serving together in Christ,
Katherine Huske
vice president of marketing


1 - Why Partner with The Pocket Testament League?

The Pocket Testament League exists to mobilize and equip Christians to Read, Carry, and Share the Word. It's been in existence for over 120 years.

2 - How it Works

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Now that you have learned about The Pocket Testament League's mission, passion, and history, let’s explore how it works. This section details how the Ambassador program works and the benefits of teaming up with PTL to become "partners in equipping God's people."

3 - Application

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Ready to engage and equip your audience to read, carry, and share God’s Word? So are we! Now that you have gotten to know us, it's time for us learn a little bit more about you.

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The Pocket Testament League is a 125 year old Christian outreach ministry that promotes Scripture reading and personal evangelism.


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