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Create your customized Pocket Powered Clinic Certificate

Build your own customized certificate to show that you care about sharing the Word of God as part of your healing ministry. Just fill in the fields below. The system will automatically generate a PDF document containing your personal information. Print the document and it's ready to frame! I's that easy.

You can take a look at the certificate using the link below:

Name of Your Medical Clinic

Enter the name of your clinic below. Maximum 120 characters. This name will be imprinted on the certificate.

Note: After clicking the Submit button below, please allow a few seconds for this form to process. After processing, your files will be downloaded.

Order Health Care Gospels

A Story for Your Heart The Truth The Truth Three Gospel of John covers were designed especially for sharing in medical services settings, from the ambulance service to the walk-in clinic. Check them out now!

Read stories

Read inspiring stories from others in the health care community about how they're sharing God's Word in medical settings. Join in the conversation with your own comments. Read now

Prescribe sharing solutions

We'd love to have you share your stories and sharing tips, to encourage other members who are actively seeking to share their faith.

Ask for prayer

Do you have needs you'd like others to pray for? You can post them here and our members will join in praying for you.