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Nothing changes hearts like God’s Word.
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You may wish to sponsor an individual member of the League. Perhaps there's someone you know from your church, Bible study group, or even within your family who's enthusiastic about sharing their faith but has limited financial resources. Your sponsorship donation will be applied exclusively to their orders for up to 6 months.

For security reasons, you must know the League Member ID of the individual. Just ask them for their Member ID, which is found on the profile page when logging in. If you don't know the person personally, you can contact the League's member services staff with details about the member you wish to sponsor and we'll look up the member ID for you.

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Every gift of $20 (USD) will sponsor 30 Gospels to reach the lost. We'll send you stories from those you've sponsored. To make a sponsorship gift, indicate the number of Gospels you wish to donate, then click the "Sponsor Now" button.

Gift frequency:

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Please indicate how often you wish to donate, and when you want to start.

Note: You may edit or cancel this type of gift at any time.


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Because it's not always possible to match your evangelism focus, after 180 days any remaining part of focused donations will be used for general sponsorship.

Note: If you're a member of the League, sign in now so that information fields can be automatically filled in for you. Lost password?

Did you know that members who sign up for Evangelism Boot Camp share over twice as many Gospels as those who don't take our evangelism training program? Get started now!

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