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A wrap-around cover in authentic desert camo pattern. There is no text on the front cover. Logos on the back cover and response flap are reproduced in black rather than our normal red color, because we didn't want to risk using a bright color that might put a soldier in harm's way.

Military Outreach

Since World War I, The Pocket Testament League has faithfully equipped Christians with Pocket Testament Gospels for the purpose of military outreach. From gift packages for the troops abroad, to face-to-face visits with veterans - countless soldiers have discovered the true meaning of freedom after reading a Pocket Gospel.

Military Outreach-related Story

“My city has recently opened a park for the homeless to use to camp since the 9th District Court of Appeals ruled that those sleeping in a park cannot be cited if the shelters are full. We have over a hundred tents and two hundred residents that we're ministering to their needs - tents, sleeping bags, toilet paper when the city wasn't restocking the port-a-potties on the weekends, meals on some days, clothes, toiletries, etc. One way I am helping is bringing a battery charger (no electricity at the park) and can charge 30+ phones at once. When the folks arrive I have them write their name on a Post-It to put in the phone so I can make sure to get the phone back to the right person. I have my 4 types of PTL Gospels of John to the left and many are curious and start to look at them. I offer the booklets to them and when time permits discuss what the Gospel of John is about. My favorite two covers are the "Bright hope for tomorrow" and "You are not forgotten" covers. The camo pattern I have for vets is interestingly popular with the younger crowd. I love it when they are curious and start looking at them because of the covers. My goal isn't just to help with the material needs, but to offer spiritual truth and hope.”
—Jason R. from Modesto, CA

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