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Events to inspire Christians
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Upcoming League Events

There's always something going on in this dynamic ministry. With membership now at more than 675,000 our small team of staff and volunteers are always on the go. If you want to learn more about the League, there may be a presentation at a location near you. We recommend that you check back regularly to see what's new.

Calendar of Events

Gateway Foursquare Church 11/23/2019 Presenter: Daryl Borello
Church Presentation

Salem, OR 97302-3901

Small Group 12/15/2019 Presenter: David Church
Speaker Presentation


MAD Live Event in partnership with Billy Graham's radio station 106.9 The Light 01/11/2020 Presenter: Don Sunshine
Speaker Presentation


Neath Church 01/18/2020 Presenter: Don Sunshine
Speaker Presentation

Warren Center, PA

Neath Church Q&A at AM service 01/19/2020 Presenter: Don Sunshine
Speaker Presentation


MAD Live Event The Lighthouse Bible Church 01/25/2020 Presenter: Don Sunshine
Speaker Presentation

The Lighthouse Bible Church
Vinton, VA

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