The Pocket Testament League Won By 1 Summer Challenge 2019. 500,000 Invitations to Christ. Reaching the US and Canada with the Gospel this summer. Map of where the Gospels are going and a progress bar to goal. Join the movement of Christians reaching North America for Christ!

Time is Running out!

You may have heard, this summer we're equipping Christians in the United States and Canada with 500,000 Gospels to share through one-on-one evangelism encounters.

Over 350,000 Gospels have already gone out to all 50 states and all Canadian provinces! People are hearing about Christ. In Real Life. Souls are being saved!


But time is running out! Our campaign ends September 30th! Join us now and let's hit the goal of sharing Christ 500,000 times in North America!

Help us hit the goal of 500k to unlock the FREE T-shirts! What are you waiting for? Please place your order today!

A selection of our most popular pocket-sized Gosepls of John

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Funding is needed to reach 500,000 Gospel presentations.

At The Pocket Testament League, our desire is to see every Christian (including YOU!) ready to proclaim the Good News to their family, community and the world. And while this limited-time offer is made possible in part by the generous support of League Members who have donated to cover the associated costs, funding is still needed to reach our goal of 500,000 Gospels ready for presentation.

We ask for you to prayerfully consider a gift today to help us meet the needs of the summer campaign.

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