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Prayer requests from our Members

We deeply appreciate your interest in praying for the evangelism efforts of our members. Your prayers provide powerful spiritual support for those who are being reached with our Gospel books. Prayer requests exist for days after posting, and then disappear unless renewed, so you can be sure that you're praying for recently posted needs. Currently active prayer requests are shown below, starting with the most recent posting.

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7 prayer requests found

Diane W. from Troy, OH
Originally posted 01/25/2007
Please pray for my daughter, Carrie, as I am not sure that she is saved. I also have an unspoken request for her. Please pray for my ministry in handing out the Gospel of John booklets.
Thank you.
Scott S. from Summit, AR
Originally posted 03/19/2019
Pray for Scott, Currently undergoing a lot and desperately in need of God's favor.
Thank You
Cathy M. from New Market, TN
Originally posted 03/16/2019
Please keep Charlotte, Kathrine, Carolyn, Mark, Andy, Phillip, Ann, in your prayers. The Lord knows and will take care of their need.
Thank you for your prayers in advance.
Cathy M. from New Market, TN
Originally posted 07/20/2018
Pray that all Christians all around the world pray for each other and pray that the lost will find Jesus Cbrist, especially lost loved ones.
Cathy M. from New Market, TN
Originally posted 02/17/2019
Pray for Dennis and Trish, and Tony. God knows exactly what their needs are. Keep all churches in your prayers. Keep all the children all around the world in your prayers, and especially the ones that are not saved. Pray that the Lord touches their hearts, and souls.
Cathy M. from New Market, TN
Originally posted 02/16/2019
Pray for all the lost souls in all the world.
Keep Solid Rock Gospel Church in your prayers that it will grow, and on its pastor
Charles Stafford.
Keep each other in prayer.
Pray for all the sick and affected in all the world.
Keep me in your prayers.
Alma G. from Malmo, Sweden
Originally posted 02/26/2019
I am Mrs Alma Dari George 59 years old widow and a Christian convert suffering from a
prolonged cancer. recently I was diagnose for a liver cancer and the doctor told me I have
limited time to live, But is my desire to help the poor orphans and less privileges also
donates to churches and this dream can only be realized through a honest and God fearing person who will assist me fulfill my last wishes to the glory of God.

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