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Prayer requests from our Members

We deeply appreciate your interest in praying for the evangelism efforts of our members. Your prayers provide powerful spiritual support for those who are being reached with our Gospel books. Prayer requests exist for days after posting, and then disappear unless renewed, so you can be sure that you're praying for recently posted needs. Currently active prayer requests are shown below, starting with the most recent posting.

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Carolina Z. from N Middletown, NJ
Originally posted 04/09/2018
I am single mother of two girls already on their teens years. I am a Respiratory Therapist as well. I just came to know Jesus, recognize the power f the Holly Spirit and of course the almighty GOD since 2 years now. This past two years has been crazy. The father of my kids has been remarriage 12 years now. i am still young. Debating my direction and my next movement. The Lord opened my eyes about my ex and a possibility for organizing our family, but to be honest, I feel very sad about our destiny. i am not sure how much of opportunities he was aware of. I have change a lot, i am not sure about him. our lives seems soooo distant. I love him. i want to pray for that. i want to pray to get the guidance of the lord. due to the long run of years. i want to pray for my kids as well. If this is coming from God. I cover them with the blood of Jesus and i ensured myself to his will. In the name of Jesus
Wendy K. from Hilliard, FL
Originally posted 03/27/2018
Please pray for a young lady that works at Zaxby's. My husband and I went thru the drive through last night. We had plants in the back of the truck. This young lady waited on us. Her personality came thru the speaker. She was so sweet and personable. When she saw the plants she said Can I have a flower? Just kidding. and she laughed. Well the Holy Spirit sparked my thinking. I had just gotten the Easter Tulips Gospels. So I reached in my purse and got one out. Hubby read receipt to get her name so I wrote her a message. We gave it to her. She said oh my goodness. Then she saw her name in it. She was so thankful. My prayer is she will read the Gospel and come to know the most precious Flower of all. The Sweet Rose Of Sharon.I know she asked for a flower for a reason and God had us giver her one in the form of The Gospel.

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