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Prayer requests from our Members

We deeply appreciate your interest in praying for the evangelism efforts of our members. Your prayers provide powerful spiritual support for those who are being reached with our Gospel books. Prayer requests exist for days after posting, and then disappear unless renewed, so you can be sure that you're praying for recently posted needs. Currently active prayer requests are shown below, starting with the most recent posting.

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Yvonne B. from Burke, VA
Originally posted 01/23/2015
Jesus please touch and heal all of the infections in Yvonne B's body. Jesus please help me to get that job I need so much. Jesus please help Yvonne B to stand strong in your word Jesus and on the straight narrow path. Jesus please help my children Bria B Dominic B and their father Stephen H for their SALVATION TO YOU JESUS NOW. HF PLEASE PROTECT THEM ALL WHERE EVER THEY ARE NOW. CONVICT THEIR HEARTS TO CONFESS REPENT OF ALL SINS GREAT SMALL. JESUS PLEASE FORGIVE YVONNE B OF ALL HER SINS GREAT SMALL. JESUS PLEASE REMEMBER YVONNE B BRIA B DOMINIC B STEPHEN H IN THE LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE. I YVONNE B ASK ALL THESE THINGS IN JESUS NAME. AMEN.
Yvonne B. from Burke, VA
Originally posted 11/29/2016
Dear most high I ask you to please send me a financial blessing that I can't contain I need help now im crying out to you now Please remove all hindrances break all chains that are keeping me getting a good paying job a car and receiving a financial blessing I give you all thanks in what you have done for us and for all you do, Please remove Ms L Ms J permanently from or neighborhood now, Please replace our property manager now as well Please send us new more qualified maintenance worker's to make repairs in our homes now. I Yvonne ask these things in the name of the Most High.
Yvonne B. from Burke, VA
Originally posted 12/27/2013
Jesus please protect and bless my children Bria Brown,Dominic Brown help them to read/study your word daily Jesus keep them pure until marriage.Jesus help them to witness to others for Your Kingdom,help them to pass all of their classes.Jesus I ask you to please use Bria Brown Dominic Brown for your will,help them to believe your word and be willing to share it with other for the rest of their lives. Jesus please direct your angels to protect them always.I would like to thank every prayer warrior out there who will be uplifting this prayer to Our Savior Jesus in Heaven.Thank you. Yvonne Anita Brown.
Yvonne B. from Burke, VA
Originally posted 06/25/2015
Dear Jesus please forget not our names in the Lambs Book of life. Yvonne Brown Bria Brown Dominic Brown and their father Stephen Hammonds. Jesus please make a way for Yvonne Brown to have a Job and be able to go to the doctor to have tests for her eyes. I Yvonne Brown ask all these things in Jesus Precious Name. Amen. Yvonne Brown.
Yvonne B. from Burke, VA
Originally posted 04/25/2014
Father God please bless Yvonne. B with that job Jesus please bless her Finances. Jesus please make a way for Yvonne. B to be able to get her much needed teeth fully restored. I have been unemployed for a few years. Jesus please open up some doors for Yvonne B. Jesus you know what Yvonne. B. needs are Jesus please be in the midst of this Jesus. I ask these things in Jesus Name. Amen. Sincerely Yvonne Brown.

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