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Gospels for Valentine’s Day Sharing

With Valentine’s Day–the day of love–just around the corner, take advantage of our culture’s focus on love and use this as an opportunity to reflect the love of God to others. Instead of conversation hearts and boxes of chocolates, share pocket-sized Gospels of John, and help those you meet fall more in love with Jesus.

Read how one Christian shares love around Valentine’s Day using pocket Gospels:

"We are sharing 100 Gospels of John with our neighborhood, as we invite our community to the Valentine's Day service this Sunday. We are trying to introduce ourselves to the community and start relationships that will eventually lead into many genuine conversions to Christ! Thank you for your great PTL ministry!"

Co-workers, family, friends, fellow-commuters on the train, a kids club, who will you be around this Valentine's Day? Order Gospels to share the God's love today!

Fill your pocket with the Gospel of John today! The Gospel of John is filled with Bible verses for hope and healing. Place your order below! Just let us know how many Gospels you can hand out. Then, we pack up your order and send it out right away. It's that simple!

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True Beauty Begins Within Share that true beauty lies within.
The Story of Love God's perfect love for us
A Story of Perfect Love (NIV) Share with someone you love!
A Story of Perfect Love (KJV) Offer perfect love to those you meet!
God is Love A Better Love
You're Worth More Than You Could Ever Imagine You are worth it!
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You are currently viewing a special list of products. Click here to view all products instead.