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The Gospel of John from the Holy Bible

About this Gospel:

With a warm green leather-looking cover, this gospel is perfect for reaching speakers of the Arabic language that the Lord places in your path. The title reads, "The Gospel of John from the Holy Bible" and the precious content inside is ready to change the lives of those you share it with today! This is the Van Dyke translation.

Like all our Gospels of John, the booklet includes a plan of Salvation and a decision page. A QR code on the back provides a quick link to learn more about the one true God.
NOTE: Since the text is in Arabic, this Gospel should be read right to left and is intended to be held with the bound side in the right hand.


Note: Quantity may be changed at checkout.

Gospel Specs:


Dimensions (closed):
3.75" W x 5.25" H

Dimensions (open):
7.5" W x 5.25" H



All pocket-sized Gospels include the complete book of the Gospel of John, plus information about how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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