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As we look to the ultimate story of hope we have in Jesus, we celebrate the stories of hope we get to see as lives are changed through God’s Word. Join us in celebrating these stories and take a moment to be encouraged by incredible stories we recently received.

Has God used you to share Christ using a pocket Gospel of John? Or have you come to Christ as a result of another sharing a Gospel of John with you? Please share your experience below. Here are few prompts to get you started.

How did you feel as you were being prompted to share the Gospel? If you received the Gospel, what was life like for you just before you were introduced to Jesus? What indications were there that God was at work in this situation? What life change did you observe afte receiving the Gospel? Are there any other details surrounding your experience, such as the cover design that was shared, location, time of day, etc?

Recent Story

We share the book of the Gospel of John with elderly people that we hand out food to in our community. one lady told us she reads her book of the Gospel of John everyday. she has accepted Jesus as her SAVIOR. thank you and bless God for the increase of 1 more soul added to the kingdom of God. thank you. bless you. David J. from Des Moines, IA
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