Reach America

Each of us, as Americans, look daily at the direction, the slide of our country. Some say it is apathy. Others suggest it is the result of living in a “Land of Plenty”, with those currently feasting at the table not appreciating what it took to build this country. Still others cite the organized opposition of various factions that are using the liberties we hold so dear, to enslave us. Regardless, the root issue is spiritual. People need to turn to God.

In America, we are blessed to work with YOU — League Members and Partners.

In total, since 2018 over 35,000 League Members joined the movement to invite people to meet Jesus.

Over 200 partners — churches, ministries, and businesses —  in the last year alone lead with the Word of God, integrating the sharing of Gospels of John into the work they do. Some mobilize the church to go out and share, others incorporate Gospels of John into their works of mercy and outreach. Still others make it a part of how they engage their employees, supplies, and even customers.

In America, in the last three years League Members and Partners have invited over 5.3 million people to meet Jesus. In 2023, our goal is to reach 2.7 million Americans — bringing our 3-year total reach to more than 8 million people!