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How to experience the life of
Jesus in just 21 days

The 21-Day Challenge

The 21-Day Challenge is based on a program developed by Anita Keagy of JoyShop Ministries. Each daily email features a devotional by Steve Wiggins, a five-time Grammy award nominee with his band, Big Tent Revival. He has penned ten #1 CHRISTIAN radio singles including "Two Sets Of Joneses," "Choose Life," and "W.W.J.D.". Steve has served on the staffs of Willow Creek, South Barrington Il; Harvest Christian Fellowship, Riverside CA; and most recently, Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis Tn. He is the founder of Living Room Study and Groundworks Ministries, disicpleship ministries focusing on Biblical literacy. Steve is also the content provider for The Bible Challenge , The Hope Challenge and soon, SOF ministries' Surrender Daily devotionals, focusing on discipling military Special Operations personel and their families. Steve's article, Building A Culture Of Worship, was recently published in Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary’s "The Journal". Steve resides in Memphis, TN with his wife and children.

How it works

Use your pocket testament to read one chapter of John each day for the next 21 days. Each of the 21 challenge assignments is sent to you by E-mail. You'll be asked to read a chapter of John -- just use your pocket Gospel -- and think on several key points. Each email includes a short devotional and a suggested prayer for each chapter.

You can take as long as you like with each one, but we encourage you to work through it in 21 days if you can.

When you are finished each one, click the "Continue" button at the bottom of your E-mail and the next chapter assignment will be sent to you automatically as a new E-mail message.

By the time you're finished you'll have a thorough understanding of what Jesus taught and how His life and the message of love and forgiveness He shared has changed millions of lives since then. Get started today!

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Note: If you've completed the program, click here to review past lessons or access your course certificate (login required)

Have you ever wondered where our newest members hail from? Every one of them has something beautiful in common: a desire to share their faith in Christ with others. Our web site contains a live map showing where our 100 most recent new members are located. It's pretty amazing to see how the impact of this ministry crosses the entire continent!

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About the League

The Pocket Testament League is a 125 year old Christian outreach ministry that promotes Scripture reading and personal evangelism.


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