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Turn your church family
into an evangelism powerhouse

The Pocket Powered Church

Motivate your flock. Transform your church. Change your world.

We understand the challenges of motivating your congregation to actively share their faith. The Pocket Testament League comes alongside pastors to help them develop in their people a lifestyle of personal evangelism. Order your free DVD package today!

What does it take to motivate your congregation to be passionate about sharing their Christian faith? How can you get them to take action? How do you encourage them to develop a lifestyle of personal evangelism?

At The Pocket Testament League, we share your desire to encourage your congregation to read, carry and share their Bible, the Word of God. Our evangelism equipping and training ministry has helped thousands make it a goal of their life to do just that since 1893! These members have put the Word of God into the hands of hundreds of millions of lost souls.

This is a ministry designed to support people who are serious about reading, carrying and sharing the Word of God. We've designed our systems to support pastors and churches in developing this desire in their members.

Our pocket-sized Gospels of John help Christians introduce people to Scripture and Jesus Christ, simply by handing someone a Gospel as a free gift. It really is that easy! To see how effectively God does the rest, read the stories of those who have experienced first hand the power of this small gesture.

Membership is completely free of charge.

Develop your congregation’s passion for evangelism

By encouraging each member of your church congregation to become a Pocket Testament League member, you are helping them develop a powerful, rewarding lifestyle of personal evangelism.

We make it easy to introduce your flock to this simple faith-sharing approach, through a complete program that we call the Pocket Powered Church. It's an unprecedented opportunity to promote community outreach activity in your church through a proven ministry approach!

Here’s how it works:

Your church receives a DVD containing several videos of different lengths describing the Free Gospel of John ministry and the Scriptural basis for sharing.

You receive all the Gospels you need to create an effective initial effort. You will also receive signup cards for everyone in your congregation so that all who want to develop a lifestyle of personal evangelism can do so right then, right there. There is NO cost to your church members to join the League. Every member has access to free resources, including our innovative Evangelism Boot Camp training program, our 21-Day Challenge Bible Reading program, and our daily devotions.

You receive a complete, proven sermon message that you can modify, providing an effective impetus for creating initial impact on your presentation date.

You can download free artwork for printing bulletin inserts. One insert is designed to be used a week or two before your presentation, and another is available for using three to four weeks after the presentation has been given (free Adobe Reader software is required to view and print these files).

We supply free personal tools and a powerful online community designed to encourage each of your members to remain active in sharing their faith.

You provide vision for your church and the inspiration to empower each member of your congregation to know that God will help them identify opportunities to give away the Gospels.

Together we can make an impact for Jesus Christ and build thousands of lifetime commitments to sharing God's love that can transform your church, city and your entire state.

Getting started is easy!

You present a powerful, pre-scripted sermon message (you can change the wording as you see fit) that covers the biblical basis for personal evangelism, the power of using God's Word to reach others, some tips on how to share your faith, and an opportunity to join The Pocket Testament League. You can show one of the videos from our professional DVD presentation to support your message. Your congregation is given enough FREE Gospels to get them started in this exciting approach to sharing their faith. All the materials are completely free to your congregation, and all designed to strengthen your church.

Get started today!

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Did you know the League is over 100 years old? Visit the League's virtual museum to discover some of the amazing highlights and milestones of League history.

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Mobilizing and equipping Christians to Read Carry Share® the Word of God since 1893.

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About the League

The Pocket Testament League is a 122 year old Christian outreach ministry that promotes Scripture reading and personal evangelism.


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