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Personal Work In A Post-Modern World

Let God Speak, Chapter Two (cont.) — The Benefit of Personal Work

The first benefit is obvious. Personal work positively affects our outward conduct. In our workplace, in our family, in our church, everywhere. The reality that we might speak a word about Jesus has a seasoning effect on our behavior

Thoughts About Reaching Family — Step Two

The question I want to ask is, “When we approach our family and friends about Jesus, are we “cold-calling”. Are we showing up, invading their space, with an uninvited conversation? Marketing 101 – when a person is selling something, they need customers who are “in the market” for what they are offering.

Let God Speak, Chapter Two — Evangelism, Who Me?

The challenge to “Go and Make”. Ever notice Jesus’ commands are mostly one-syllable words! Love, Serve, Obey, Go, Make. Interesting. What do you take away from that observation? Here is my takeaway. Jesus’ commands are simple to comprehend. And yet, simple does not equal easy.