UNDAUNTED—To Share the Faith 

Undaunted is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as: Courageously resolute, especially in the face of danger or difficulty: not discouraged.

“Courageously resolute”—what a great phrase.   

 I start 2024 sharing this word because I believe it is describing more and more of Jesus’ followers. We are “undaunted. 

Do not confuse “undaunted” with “unconcerned about safety” or “unaware of others reaction.Jesus’ followers are not the “fools rush in where angels fear to tread” sort of folk. We are, all, by God’s grace, people who “count the cost.(Luke 14:28).  

To be clear, when it comes to sharing our faith there is real cost.  

  • There is the cost to those of us who are doing the sharing, and  
  • The cost to those being offered the opportunity to receive
  •  With real consequences for both

For those sharing the cost varies along a line. Picture a line: on one end is the word “welcome” and on the other end is “death. 

In between, the words progress from “ignored” to “unwelcome.As you move further along the line you come to words such as “isolated, “ridiculed/mocked, “harassed, “canceled,“beaten, “jailed, and finally “killed.

This range of reactions is happening today, across our world.  

For those sharing their faith, you would think they would stop! However, consider even in the face of these consequences, last year over 14 million people were invited to meet Jesus with a Gospel of John. 

Why? A recent survey of League Members answers that question.  

  • 98% agree that they have a personal responsibility to share their faith (with 89% strongly agreeing). We believe it is normative for Jesus’ followers to share our faith.  
  • And for our Members it is more than talk; 70% shared their faith 10 or more times a year, with 33% sharing their faith every week! 

It is not that our Members are ignorant to the reality of how the world will react, it is that they think of what is at stake for those they are sharing with—what is at stake is for the person who does not know Christ is where they will spend eternity. 

The reality of a life livedin this world and in eternitywithout Jesus, is horrific.  

To gain a glimpse of such a life, we need only look out our window, or turn on the TV/internet.  

People who accept Jesus will face a similar range of reactions. Yet they know in their hearts there is no better life.  

Jesus’ followers are not suggesting that following Him yields a worry-free life. In fact, Members sharing the Gospel in 2023 have given their lives to reach others with the Good News. Other Members have had to suffer ridicule or being ostracized.  

And here is one other HUGE point regarding how we go and share: We are not alone. We are all together as part of a movement, taking courses and getting equipped, sharing stories and encouraging one another, and joining in prayer.  

Following Jesus is not a lone ranger sport. 

Together we are UNDAUNTED. There is too much at stake to not go and share. There is too much opposition to go alone. Together, and by God’s grace, we press on. 

How about you? Check out The Pocket Testament League. Join a movement, live with purpose, get connected and equipped to share your faith – and be a courageously resolute follower of Jesus by the grace and power of the Holy Spirit. 

“It is to be the norm that Jesus’ followers share their faith”