Pearl Harbor Day – Satan was Measuring Us – He Still Is 

Today we remember the Day that will live in infamy, Pearl Harbor Day. On this day in 1941, 2,403 Americans lost their lives from a surprise attack. 

We have had a few other days, not many, like Pearl Harbor. There is 9/11/01. That day, 2,996 Americans died. 

A survey done at the 20th anniversary of 9/11 indicated that 93% of people 30 years of age, and older, remembered the day. I remember 9/11. That statistic, on this day, makes me think of my dad. Dad always remembered Pearl Harbor Day. 

Today, I am trying to think about what people were facing on Pearl Harbor Day, and other days like it.  

It started with chaos; erupting like a volcano with evil and hatred spewing out and flowing over unsuspecting victims. 

It ended with courage.    

You might wonder why I am even pursuing this mental exercise. Why try and think about what people were facing? 

Because on these horrible days, evil brazenly shows itself. Evil normally lurks in the shadows. It tries to go undetected as it spreads various diseases. But there are a few days when evil comes out of hiding to wreak havoc, spread fear, and create chaos — and it does all of this in plain sight of all.   

When evil takes center stage, we cannot pretend we do not see it. We therefore have a choice. Will we choose the strong and courageous response? Will we run towards the fire, not away? 

On October 7 of this year, over 1,200 Israeli citizens, including women and children, were killed by a surprise attack from Hamas terrorists. 

The chaos of that attack has unfolded before our eyes. The response of Israel has been one of strength and courage.  

Evil’s assault created clarity. At times like Pearl Harbor Day, 9/11, and the most recent attack by Hamas, that opportunity for clarity is always presented to us. 

In the 60 days that has transpired since this horrible day, those outside of Israel have offered a range of responses. 

The point of this essay is not to dissect the range of responses to the attack by Hamas. It is, rather, to note the danger we as a civilization always find ourselves in.  

When evil strikes in such an open and assertive manner, I would suggest that Satan is measuring us.  

Please pause and consider that statement. Satan is measuring us.  

He is looking to see our response. He wants to know what degree we will go to in addressing the open evil. Are we horrified to such a degree that we will, at great cost to ourselves, go and not only take on the evil, but seek to destroy it? Will we run towards the fire? 

Have we gained enough clarity that we choose the courageous response?  

Consider. The number of deaths from diseases as a result of 9/11, deaths long after that terrible day, has now exceeded the death toll of that terrible day. Why? Because courageous men and women ran towards the fire. Add to that number, the deaths of those who pursued evil, who tracked it down across the world, as it cowardly ran away shrinking back into the darkness to hide.  

Consider. The number of deaths that Americans suffered after the attack on Pearl Harbor is over 418,000 – that is 174 times as many people who died on December 7.  

Satan got his “measure of us” on those two days.  

The danger is not simply that we face evil. We do. We must always face evil. 

Afterall, Satan’s relentless pursuit is to seek and destroy that which Almighty God has created. God’s crowning masterpiece of creation is that which He (they) created in their own image – man and woman.  

Satan is always opposed to God’s crowning achievement. We therefore face evil every day. 

There is one other danger, a more serious danger. It is that we will get distracted, worn down, or worse, disinterested—in standing against evil.  

Today there are events around the world, and in our own personal lives, spreading chaos:  

  • The war in Israel 
  • The war in Ukraine 
  • The war on human identity that (for now) is playing out in the transgender movement 
  • The list is long and some of the “wars” are internal to our hearts and minds  

Today, we find ourselves facing many wars and fires. 

The wars and fires around us, and in us, pose danger. However, the greater danger today is that we will stop running towards the fire. Satan will know. He is measuring us, measuring our response. He will know when we are weak. 

Today, I am seeing distraction and weariness. I am seeing disinterest. Not in everyone, but I am seeing it. 

People tell me they don’t watch the news. Okay, I understand that we have grown cynical with the news media. I ask those people, “So how do you stay up on current events?” Answer, “We don’t. The news is too depressing. There is just too much chaos in the world. We are just living our lives.” 

It is exactly when we find ourselves turning away from evil, that we must steel ourselves. 

Fatigue from chaos is natural. Who is creating this chaos? The enemy, Satan.  

If the chaos, regardless of which war is causing it, does not lead to a strong and courageous response on our part, it will not back down. It will be emboldened to press its satanic agenda.  

Today, I hear conversations that follow a path similar to this: 

  • People are concerned about the evil. Concern is not enough. 
  • Often the enemy uses concern to create confusion. I begin to hear questions about whether it is really evil and if it is as bad as others are making it out to be. 
  • Confusion leads to delay.  
  • Delay leads to a lessening of the horror and rationalization creeps in. 
  • From delay we fall quickly to cowardice. We don’t think we are being cowardly. We think we are being rational. 

No longer confident in our convictions, we, who were once on the side of God, have now through our inaction, joined Satan. 

Strong words – I understand. 

But here is the point, earlier I wrote: 

     You might wonder why I am even pursuing this mental exercise. Why try and think about what people were facing? 

     Because on these horrible days, evil brazenly shows itself. Evil normally lurks in the shadows. 

Evil normally lurks in the shadows.  

Evil, as it hides in darkness, is still committed to: 

  • Distract us (often with the good things of life) 
  • Wear us down (with the worries of this world) 
  • Have us be disinterested (because the chaos is not in our backyard, it is just a little too far away) 

Evil’s tactics, whether in light or dark, seek to minimize our response.   

For me to not be swept along in evil’s path, I must pause. I must remember that the enemy is measuring my response.  

And here is the “real kicker.” A strong and courageous response is required for the greatest battle of all time – the battle for the eternal destiny of a human – heaven or hell. 

This is Satan’s most important battle. He is measuring our response. 

I know sharing your faith can be hard. I urge you not to get distracted, or weary, or disinterested.  

Need some help? The Pocket Testament League can help. We recently surveyed our Members. They are strong and courageous. You can check out the results here. 

I encourage you to pause and to ask yourself, “Where do I need to be more courageous in the battle?” 

On this Pearl Harbor Day, a Day that will live in infamy, I invite you to honor the memory of those lost that day, and the memory of those who responded. I also invite you to pause and ask the question above of yourself. 

Be strong and very courageous (Judges 1:7).