Each day the “thumbscrews get turned a little more.” Chinese Christians face continually increasing government pressure – new laws – new interpretations – new zeal from those seeking to eliminate the Name of Jesus.

Pastors are increasingly imprisoned and churches shut down. These actions do not deter Jesus’ followers. For years when we were able to visit China, one of their main expectations was increased persecution.

Modern-day “Daniels” — godly men whom God has placed inside government work to print Gospels of John legally in-country.

These Gospels fuel Chinese League Members, as they invite their countrymen to meet Jesus. For their own safety, we keep their identities secret so they are able to continue to serve God without government interference.

Since 2009, 19.6 million people in China have been offered an opportunity to meet Jesus with a Gospel of John. When you give, you will be a part of reaching another 50,000 people in mainland China this year.