Reaching people, all people, especially in “hard to reach” places is one of the challenges that must be overcome for us to fulfill the Great Commission.

In the fall of 2020, The Pocket Testament League launched a simple Gospel of John APP. The performance specifications were “keep it as simple as our printed Gospels of John – with the ability to download fast!”

In the first two years, 4 million people have downloaded the Gospel of John – with 75% of those downloads happening in countries with the most repressive government regimes.

We simply place an advertisement on Google. Our ads have “headlines” such as “Find Hope”, or “Learn About Jesus”. People respond to the ad and download the Gospel of John, in one of 14 languages – and experience the Gospel in written, audio, or video format. There is no charge. No exchange of personal information is needed.

For every download, the average person opens the Gospel 10 times! In 2023, The League is working to reach 4 million people in 12 months.