Did you know that you can use your influence to share the Gospel?  

As a business leader, it’s hard to know if your business is having an eternal impact or even how to implement effective evangelism in your business. It can leave you worried that you are not doing enough to personally share Jesus. Maybe you’ve struggled to identify the most impactful ways to accomplish this in the context of business.

At The Pocket Testament League, we get it. That’s why we created a simple method to sharing Jesus that works for anyone. In fact, over the last decade we’ve seen hundreds of influencers like you share Jesus more than 3 million times using the organizations that God has entrusted to them.

Part of a church or other organization?  

You can use the organization or ministry networks that God has entrusted you to lead to share Gospels, too. No matter your platform, custom Gospels are a great way to share the Word of God.

Here’s how it works!  

1. Our team will work with you to create your unique Gospel Sharing Plan, tailored to your organization.

2. Together we will design and produce a customized Gospel of John. The outside cover is completely customizable in full color and the inside cover is available to add additional messaging.

3. Once your Gospels arrive, our team will help you and your team implement your Gospel Sharing Plan, provide ongoing support and cheer you on as you begin to see more people invited to meet Jesus through His Word!

Ready to get started?

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If you’re interested in less than 500 custom Gospels, we do offer a small design package that could be perfect for your small business or organization. Please email us at partnergospels@ptl.org or add a note below to find out more.