Dreaming of Easter Conversations (part 3 of 3) — Pursuing Intentionally with Love

Easter is days away. You and I have been thinking about the person(s) we would love to have a conversation with about Jesus. It is time to share.

Dreaming of Easter Conversations (part 2 of 3) — Preparing Our Hearts

Let’s look at Jesus. His ability to engage others is amazing. Why? Because his heart is pure and overflowing. When I look at Jesus, and then look at myself, I see “three separate parts of me” that I must work on.

Dreaming of Easter Conversations (part 1 of 3) — Preparing our Minds & Spiritual Lives

I want to suggest as Easter approaches that we consider three distinct steps — preparing our minds and spiritual lives, preparing our hearts, and pursuing others intentionally in love. Today, let’s look at preparing our minds and spiritual lives: