Dreaming of Easter Conversations (part 3 of 3) — Pursuing Intentionally with Love

Easter is days away. You and I have been thinking about the person(s) we would love to have a conversation with about Jesus.

I could write more, much more, about all that is going on inside of me regards this desire to share. Doing so would probably lead to paralysis by analysis.

Instead of further analyzing, God is leading me to say, “It’s time.”

It is time to share.

Step One: Pray

  • Pray that God would arrange the Divine Appointment.
  • Pray that God would put the words in your mouth. That this appointment would be “not by your might, but by His Spirit.” (Zechariah 4:6)
  • Pray to put on the full armor of God.
  • Pray for God to open the door and lead you.
  • Invite others to pray for you and person. You can simply list a first name here and The Pocket Testament League will lift up you and the person in prayer.

Step Two: Follow Him

People ask, “How do I know God is really leading me to share with the person? Maybe, if I am not 100% sure, I should not share.”

That is a fair question. However, following Jesus in faith means we are rarely 100% sure. There have been moments in my life where I sense an overwhelming feeling or belief, but those moments are few.

Most moments are moments of faithful obedience.

In moments when I am unsure, I double down on prayer. I ask God to show me if He is trying to tell me, “Not now.” If God does not give me this sense, then I share.

Why do I take that approach? Because Jesus said, “Go!” God’s natural design is for the Gospel to be expanding, seeking to penetrate the human heart. His natural design is to play “offense”, not “defense”.

Step Three is Just Do It!

The “It” in the above phrase is to share the Good News, and I am suggesting we do that sharing intentionally with love.

Here is where all the prayer, and all my reflecting, and all your reflecting, about the person we are going to engage, comes into focus.

We engage based on the depth of our relationship with them.

What do I mean by that phrase, “the depth of our relationship”?

The reality is that the more you and I know the person, the more we most likely love them. Our deep concern and desire for them can backfire. We can be to too direct, too assertive.

We can come across as if we actually do not care about them. To many gospel sharing moments to the receiver can feel like a “drive-by shooting” of sorts. We want them to know we care.

If you are still a little stuck, check out Let God Speak, there is an entire section on sharing with your family and friends.


Remember, to pursue someone intentionally is to be willing to play the long game. To be willing to plant the seed in one conversation and water it in another. To gently do some weeding, while all along being present with them.

Remember to keep God in it. Yes, our motive is to see a person come to Jesus. Our aim, is to please God. As we go about sharing, be in conversation with the Father. Let him hear your heart.

Remember that God is in control. He loves you. He is pleased your heart beats like his. He is pleased you are being obedient.

Go Deeper Resources

  • Join us this Easter in praying for the people in our lives we desire to come to know Jesus. Simply click to enter the first name and last initial of the person you are praying for, and allow the community of League Members come around you and that person in praying for their salvation.
  • Share Jesus in His own words. Pocket Gospels are a great alternative to Gospel tracts because it’s 100% the Word of God using the actual text from Scripture. Each Gospel includes the full Gospel of John and a plan of Salvation with a response page.
  • Let God Speak: A Timeless Method for Sharing Jesus. Overcome obstacles to sharing your faith by learning a time-tested, simple process! Let God Speak is full of good news for you as it unpacks the simple reality of the power of God’s Word—all while providing 100 practical, real-world examples in a myriad of situations.