Sharing Jesus in a Post – Roe World

Sharing Jesus in a Post – Roe World

Today, in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, followers of Jesus are faced, on the surface, with a very different world—let’s try and unpack this situation and ask, “How should we share Jesus?”

First, our churches, our leaders, and our local congregations are presented a huge opportunity to witness love to women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Perhaps the best sign I have seen this past weekend was, “We can help, we are happy to adopt your baby.” I have seen many other signs, social media posts, etc. I expect you have as well.

Some of these messages appear as gloating, a “We won!” attitude. I can understand how our hearts are overwhelmed with joy that our nation’s highest court has stood for life. However, I wonder if that is the best response. Additionally, others appropriately point out that much work remains on the state level and beyond. Those locked in this battle to protect the unborn understand winning this major battle is not equal to winning the war. In fact, it will serve as a lightning rod, catalyzing those in favor of abortion to increased action.

As you read these words, perhaps you are feeling encouraged by the events of last week. Perhaps you are filled with anxiety from scenes of protests and anger.

I would point out that whenever religion and a moral stance is front and center in the public square, we have the opportunity to present Jesus to people.

The natural question is, “What do we do?”

For those of us seeking to invite more people to meet Jesus, I want to suggest we double down on our disciplines of Reading God’s Word and Praying. When a soldier is in a battle, they make sure they are prepared. The fundamentals are what keep them prepared. God’s Word and Prayer are the fundamentals that prepare us. The morning I penned these thoughts, I was in Deuteronomy, chapter four. God’s Word was again holding up that obedience to God is what brings life. Anything outside of God’s command leads to death. I was also reminded that it is Jesus, and only Jesus, that can keep us in this fellowship of life.

As I was praying, I was again struck by how God’s heart breaks for his children, that He desires non to perish. This desire is why He pleads with us to receive Jesus, and thereby know the truth. Today, there are so many caught up in lies, lies that lead to death.

Through this intense fog of falsehoods, I am reminded that we must keep focused on people meeting Jesus. We must be wise. We must not expect everyone to be open to Jesus. People will either be:

  • Filled with rage and anger, or
  • Redoubling their arguments, or
  • Confused, even scared.

My suggestion is to not engage with those filled with rage and those interested in arguing. Proverbs 22: 24 – 25 tells us to not befriend a furious person or go with an angry individual.

Rather look for the lost, the confused, and those who are scared. Invite them without argument to consider Jesus, just Jesus, in His own words.

You should expect questions, questions such as, “But don’t Christians judge people who have unplanned pregnancies as wrong, or worse?” Perhaps the questions will be harsher. My answer to such a question would be, “Followers of Jesus know first that they fall short of Jesus’ commands, and Jesus forgives us when we turn to Him, could I open this Gospel of John and show you something Jesus said?” And then I turn to John 5:24:

“Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life.

I then say, “I would love for you to be able to spend time “hearing Jesus in his own words”. He offers himself to you. It is Jesus, a relationship with him, that is what brings life.

Perhaps you would say something different. The words need to be yours.

My point today is that we must lean forward and we must lean into the fundamentals.

I understand some who might read this essay may be involved in opposing those pushing for abortion. For people in this situation, their battle plan is different. Most followers of Jesus are not.

At times when I encourage folks to lean in and into…some people roll their eyes. One person said, “Really that is all you’ve got—read my Bible, pray, and share!” My answer was, “Brother, if you do these things, if you stay grounded, God will accomplish much through you.”

Let me encourage you to lean in and into. People are asking questions. God’s Word is the answer. Be the one to share it.